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Skin Solace

Rose Butter Bomb

Rose Butter Bomb

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Skin Solace Bath Bombs are Pure Indulgence.

They smell amazing as they are infused with a beautiful blend of essential oils to soothe stress and tension. Added to that, they contain nuggets of cocoa butter to truly nourish and moisturise your skin too. With the addition of flower petals, these butter bombs are pure indulgence.

Rose Butter Bomb Into the Rose Garden. Natural white, bath bomb delicately sprinkled with rose petals and laced with essential oils of geranium, petitgrain & ylang-ylang. Chunks of moisturizing cocoa butter.


Rose Butter Bomb

Bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, essential oils of geranium, petitgrain and ylang-ylang. Rose petals.

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