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Cocoa Body Butter

Cocoa Body Butter

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Cocoa, or Theobroma, has been referred to as the "food of the gods" due to its potent therapeutic properties. For many years it has been used to protect, heal, and hydrate the skin. 

    • Protects against UV rays. The antioxidants in cocoa butter help to mediate the harmful effect of UV rays which contribute to premature ageing.
    • Healthy-aging properties. Cocoa butter has been known to reduce the skin’s oxidative stress, which is one of the major factors in premature aging.
    • Moisturising- Cocoa butter has also been known to provide a moisturising benefit to the skin and promote skin health.

This particular butter includes Shea Butter and Grapeseed Oil, which helps to keep skin hydrated. Ylang Ylang, a powerful healing agent, is also added to the butter to promote epidermal regeneration. For best results, focus on dry areas and apply every day after bathing.


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