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Pu-Erh Guarana Tea

Pu-Erh Guarana Tea

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Pu-Erh tea is known as a “fat killer”. Pu-Erh is valued for its unique healing properties such as lowering cholesterol levels, getting rid of toxins from the body, and helping with weight loss and it’s a good drink when you are hangover. We highly recommend the tea for its amazing flavor. This blend will also boost your energy, thanks to ginkgo biloba and guarana.


Pu Erh tea (minimum 79.3%), ginkgo biloba (Japanese ginkgo), guarana (minimum 3.6%), black and red currant, aroma, raspberry leaves, peony flowers, cornflower petals, blackberry leaves. It may contain traces of nuts.

Not suitable for children 

Country of origin


Brewing instruction

Brewing time/temp.

3-5 min. 96° C

Use 2,5 g of tea (approx. 5 tsp) for a cup.  Allow to infuse for 3- 5 minutes. Strain well

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