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Good Morning Tea

Good Morning Tea

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A perfect tea blend for the start of the day. Hibiscus contributes towards the invigoration of the body. Mint contributes towards the normal function of the respiratory system, digestive system and intestines. Lemon balm contributes towards one's hormonal balance and mental health. Calendula contributes towards the invigoration of the body. It is recommended to follow a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, raspberry leaves, blackberry leaves, peppermint tops, lemon balm tops, meadowsweet tops, calendula flowers, sunflowers, everlasting flowers, mallow flowers, rose hips, and heather.

Brewing instruction

Allow 2.5 g (approx. 2 heaped tsp) of the blend for 250 ml of freshly boiled water and leave it to infuse for 8-10 minutes; sieve and serve. Drink 1x a day.

Suitable for children 

Brewing time/temp.

8-10 min. 96 ° C

Country of origin

Czech Republic


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