Veganuary: A Beginner's Guide and Tips for a Successful Plant-Based Month

Veganuary: A Beginner's Guide and Tips for a Successful Plant-Based Month

Are you joining the Veganuary Challenge

this January?


Have you ever attempted to do Veganuary?

If you haven’t heard of Veganuary, it is basically the same principle as Dry January where you cut out alcohol for the whole duration of January but you go completely vegan for a month. It has always been on my mind and I guess I have always wanted to see if I can handle the challenge but never really attempted it.


What are the benefits of joining the Veganuary challenge?

Well the first thing that comes to mind as an animal lover is obviously contributing towards the reduction of animal suffering for and supporting ethical treatment of animals by choosing a plant-based diet.

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The second and most popular reason why people turn vegan in the first place is environmental impact. By by reducing meat and dairy consumption we can lower our carbon footprint and contribute less towards global warming. It is also seen to help fight against deforestation and water pollution associated with animal agriculture.

Turning vegan also has a few health benefits for your overall well-being. Increased intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, promotes overall health and potential weight loss but that differs slightly from person to person.

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In that same category of benefits, a plant- based diet can also improve digestion due to the higher fibre content and help to alleviate digestive issues like bloating or indigestion.

Not going to lie, so far all these benefits sound fantastic and in a world where we can get food delivered so fast and buy pre-made, processed foods that lack any real nutrients that our bodies need, Veganuary is looking more and more appealing to me.

Not going to bore you with going through the numerous benefits but the last one I wanted to mention is the benefit of increased energy levels. Plant foods are very nutrient- dense which will inevitably contribute towards more energy and vitality and reduction of feelings of fatigue. - Yes please, I need anything that will help me reduce my fatigue levels!!!

Have I convinced you yet? I definitely managed to inspire myself writing this and I will try my best to join in on the fun challenge.

 10 tips to help you through Veganuary

Here are a 10 tips that will help us through this challenge:

  1.  Educate Yourself:                                                                                     Research plant-based nutrition and familiarise yourself with vegan alternatives.
  2. Meal Planning:                                                                              Plan your meals ahead to ensure a balanced and satisfying diet.

  3. Explore diverse recipes to keep your meals exciting.

  4. Stock Vegan Staples: Fill your kitchen with vegan staples like legumes, grains, nuts, and plant-based dairy alternatives.

  5. Explore Vegan Products: explore a variety of vegan substitutes for meat, dairy, and eggs available in your local grocery stores.

  6. Find Vegan-Friendly Restaurants: Look up local restaurants with vegan options for dining out.

  7. Connect with the Community: Join online vegan communities for support, advice, and recipe ideas.

  8. Try Meat Alternatives: Experiment with plant-based meat alternatives for familiar flavours and textures.

  9. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and curb cravings.

  10. Prepare Snacks: Have vegan snacks readily available for when hunger strikes.

And my personal tip that I believe will help us the most through this challenge is to follow vegan food Instagram accounts that will inspire us to create delicious recipes so we don’t have to compromise on taste.

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Here are a few Instagram accounts worth following:


Are you joining in on the challenge? Let me know in the comments. ⬇️


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