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Welcome to the Skin Solace Blog!

Founded by mother of three and psychotherapist Natalee, Skin Solace encompasses everything natural and luxurious, selling a range of soaps, lotions, and candles!

 An aromatherapy dream!  

Skin Solace launched after Natalee took a keen interest in creating natural, yet effective skin and body care out of essential oils and natural butter, after spotting a gap in the market for gentle and soothing products that are inclusive for all skin types.

As Skin Solace began as a small local business, all products are created in a single room and carefully hand made by Natalee herself! Despite still being relatively new to the world of retail, the products have already been a huge success, therefore the company has many future plans in motion to expand further!


The 5 core Skin Solace collections are:

  • Lordliness Collection
  • Moxie Collection
  • Profuse Collection
  • Riveted Collection
  • Levity Collection

As well as being conscious of how well each product caters to the customer, the brand also focuses on ensuring all packaging used is as sustainable as possible. Therefore, the team has been carefully creating products that can be repurposed into other useful items instead of being thrown away after their primary use is over.

Additionally, Skin Solace has already had enormous success at recent events such as a pop-up shop in John Lewis where the team hope to see the ‘Skin Solace' products permanently stocked in the future!

The Skin Solace team hope you love the products and the brand values that have helped create them as much as we do!



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