Skincare Is the Future of Beauty

Going Green: Why Eco-Friendly Skincare Is the Future of Beauty

Natural skincare is gaining quite the following and for a reason. Some people believe that clean beauty is the future and we are definitely here for it!

We constantly hear the term eco-friendly but what exactly is it and why should we care about it...?

Your skin benefits by going sustainable ♻️

Formulating skincare products is difficult, we get it! Chemical ingredients can be a cheap and easy way to change a product's texture, smell or extend its life. But the truth is we really don't need them anymore! And unsurprisingly natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients are amazing for the skin. The right blend contains all the nutrients and minerals that rejuvenate and feed the skin. Anti-oxidants that protect the skin from environmental aggressors and are packed full of fatty acids and vitamins that hydrate and strengthen your skin WITHOUT irritation. Natural ingredients are super gentle and won't harm your skin. Sadly the same cannot be said for products that contain synthetic fragrances, harsh preservatives, or artificial colours. Why do we even consider chemicals...? RIGHT?!
Natural skincare products can also absorb into the skin easier, making them more effective in providing the desired effects.
Skincare Is the Future of Beauty

The Earth benefits too!🌎

Skincare Is the Future of Beauty

So what EXACTLY is Eco-friendly? Eco-friendly skincare products are made from sustainably sourced ingredients that do not harm the environment or exhaust natural resources. Good Eco-friendly products should also mean FARE TRADE. The fare trade movement aims to ensure that the people who grow or make the products we buy are paid fairly for their work and that they work in safe conditions.
Packaging is another part to consider when purchasing a skincare item. Some brands use biodegradable packaging to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. With Skin Solace, our packaging is reusable and refillable. If you run out of your Mango Body Butter or your Moxie Facial Oil, you can simply come to store and get a refill. Also having some products in solid form like our soaps and shampoo bars, helps us reduce waist even more.😉
Size matters... Kinda. Sometimes small skincare brands can be extra Eco-friendly because they don't have huge facilities and manufacturers to produce their products, therefore do not create huge emissions. Not using TONS and TONS of electricity! Even better the products are NOT made and transported over seas, meaning an even smaller carbon footprint. So consider shopping small, you won't regret it!

To sum up

Choosing sustainable products is not only great for the environment but is also AMAZING for the skin! Make the switch 🔁

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