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Levity Aroma Candle

Levity Aroma Candle

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Levity Aromatherapy Candle is crafted with a blend of uplifting essential oils for a mood-enhancing fragrance. This citrus blend provides stress and anxiety relief, encourages cheerfulness, and boosts confidence. It also features a wood wick that crackles as it releases the aroma, creating a tranquil ambiance.

How to Burn

Upon your first burn ensure you achieve a full burn pool which may take two hours to achieve, before extinguishing your candle. This will prevent tunnelling and ensure your candles light and stay lit.  

On subsequent burns, remove burnt wood from your wick and again achieve a full burn pool before extinguishing.  


The Levity candle is natural soy wax contained within a stylish amber vessel which is ideal for repurposing around the home. 

To reuse your jar, heat it in hot water and clean out the excess soy wax. A refill option will soon be available otherwise the reuse possibilities are endless for use around the home.

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