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Hot Desert Tea

Hot Desert Tea

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Black Indian tea with a refreshing lemon flavour and a noticeable aroma of spicy chilli. The name reflects its “desert” character. The unique composition of this tea – warming and refreshing at the same time – makes it suitable for any weather. A one-of-a-kind tea experience! Hot Desert Tea promises to be as hot and exciting as the sand dunes of Rajasthan. Enjoy it morning, noon, or night.


Kenya black tea, lemon slices, lemongrass, natural flavour, pieces of ginger, white pepper, cactus flowers, red pepper, pieces of sandalwood, aloe leaves, and thistle petals. May contain traces of nuts.

Country of origin


Brewing instruction

1 teaspoon (2g) for 200ml, 96 ° C, brew for 3 minutes.

Brewing time/temp.

3 min. 96 ° C

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