The Story of Skin Solace

Meet Chioma


Firstly, I would like to say thank you for taking an interest in my business.

I am a mother to three children and a psychotherapist. I developed Skin Solace out of need/hobby, however the entrepreneur in me recognised the saleability and had other ideas.

On returning from Ghana I had run out of a skin care product which I could not purchase in the UK, I therefore decided to make it myself.


My daughter was suffering with sensitive skin and I didn’t want to be continually applying the prescribed steroid creams which offer temporary relief. I then began researching butters, oils and essential oils and gained confidence in making my own products and so Skin Solace grew.

Skin Solace is a handmade skincare & hand poured aromatherapy candle business, a lifestyle brand for busy people who work hard and lack time for themselves but want something of high quality, some luxury. 


My products are appealing to the eye and nose but also bring huge skin and mind benefits, which is important to me as a psychotherapist. I have worked hard on ensuring my recipes offer the best skin benefits and are worthy of a high-end status supported by thought through branding.